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How to clean install windows 11

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install windows 11

install windows 11

How to clean install windows 11?

To perform a clean install of Windows 11, follow these steps:

Check system requirements:

Ensure that your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. This includes having a compatible processor, sufficient RAM, and available storage space. You can refer to Microsoft’s official documentation for the specific requirements.

Back up your data:

Before proceeding with a clean install, it is essential to back up all your important files, documents, and personal data. This ensures that you don’t lose any data during the installation process.

Obtain a Windows 11 installation media:

clean install windows 11 ISO file from the official Microsoft website or obtain it through other legitimate sources. You can create a bootable USB drive with the Windows 11 ISO using tools like Rufus or the official Microsoft Media Creation Tool.

Boot from the installation media:

Insert the bootable USB drive into your computer and restart it. Access the BIOS or UEFI settings by pressing the designated key during startup (usually displayed on the screen). Configure the boot order to prioritize the USB drive, so the system boots from it.

Install Windows 11:

Once the computer boots from the USB drive, the Windows 11 installation process will begin. Follow the on-screen prompts to select your language, time zone, and keyboard layout.

Enter product key (if required):

During the installation, you may be prompted to enter a product key. If you have a valid Windows 11 product key, enter it. Otherwise, you can select the option to skip this step, and Windows will activate automatically later.

Select the installation type:

When prompted to choose the type of installation, select the “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” option. This will initiate the clean installation process.

Format the drive and install Windows 11:

In the next step, you’ll see a list of available drives. Select the drive where you want to install Windows 11 and click on the “Format” option. This will erase all data on the selected drive. After formatting, click on “Next” to proceed with the installation.

Wait for the installation to complete:

Windows 11 will now be installed on the selected drive. The installation process may take some time, so be patient and avoid interrupting it.

Set up Windows 11:

Once the installation is complete, you’ll be prompted to set up Windows 11. Follow the on-screen instructions to personalize settings, create user accounts, and configure preferences.

Install drivers and software:

After the initial setup, install any necessary drivers for your hardware components, such as graphics cards, network adapters, and peripherals. Also, reinstall any software applications you need on your system.

Restore your backed-up data:

Finally, restore your backed-up files and data to your Windows 11 installation.

By following these steps, you can perform a clean installation of Windows 11 on your computer. Remember to exercise caution during the process and ensure that you have all the necessary drivers and software ready for reinstallation after the clean install.

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